For the Woman who is ready to step into her Divine Birthright of limitless abundance.

Fuck it- I'm IN!

We are diving deeper than ever before into quantum leaping, energetic mastery, & business acceleration.

 Are you ready to become a master of your own energy and quantum leap into a new reality?

 Do you have a deep soul knowing that you are ready to call in so much more through energetic mastery?

Are you ready to dive deeper into your soul's gifts, intuition and true mission to change the world?

Are you ready to diversify your business and revenue streams with easy and organic strategies to maximize your impact and income?

Are you ready to start creating consistent 10k, 50k, 100k months with ease?

♦ Are you ready to learn how to cut energetic cords, align to your inner witch, and feel an innate power in your being you've never felt before?

♦ Do you crave REAL sisterhood, where you can be seen, heard, and celebrated?

♦ Are you ready to create massive wealth by aligning your energy with the energy of pure abundance and potentiality that you have always had within?

Are you ready to go all in on you and your souls mission, and step into the worthy, wealthy, abundant queen that you are?

Over 12 Weeks, I am teaching all things next-level Wealth, energetic mastery, and how to tap into your million dollar self.

I have invited 9 Guest Experts to give you all of the support, tools and practices you need to energetically align and call in your next level life.


"I have been with Andrea Franco in her Abundant Queen Academy course and I loved every minute of it.

There was so much value packed in every class and mastermind that we did together. I never missed a class because I wanted to soak in as much information as possible.
Full disclosure: I am someone who went from bankruptcy, having a part time job barely making ends meet, to starting in PTP, creating sales from the teachings there and then investing in AQA because of it.
When AQA first started, I told Dre that I wouldn’t be able to quit my job for another year - she completely proved me wrong by showing me how I could implement her strategies in a way that made me feel good about serving and making sales. She was there every step of the way and answers every question I had with wisdom and great insight. I ended up quitting my job for good November 13th, 2020 and was fully booked with my services in 15 days!
Then I went on to create another program with my best friend and made over $30k in sales for the month of December!
I am so grateful to be in such a loving and amazing energy with a coach that gives a fuck about your results!
I love you so much Dre! You changed my life in ways that helped me gain so much more confidence in myself and my abilities to create my life in the way that makes me feel good all around!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Oh! And I signed up for a private 3 month program with her too because I know that she can help guide me to my next level.
I highly recommend her for helping the woman who all in as a fuck ya to her life to get guidance from this amazing queen!"

"I highly recommend AQA to anyone that is thinking about it!

I have actually already recommended it to a few friends. I LOOOOOVED The energy that Andrea Franco brought to every call. It LIT me up. No matter what the topic was I always felt more inspired and empowered. We usually think we are buying a program for the knowledge but we are most impacted by the energy and vibe...and Andrea's energy is like no other!

I absolutely loved connecting with the other women in the group. I have seen so many of them just explode their businesses and it's really exciting!

It was a beautiful, safe, supportive container!

Thank you Andrea and all of the beautiful people in this round!"

12 Weeks of limitless abundance, energetic mastery, and tapping into the million dollar version of you.

From Alex D. -

"The universe really pulled through for me when I found a way to pay for AQA - could have been so easy for me to say no to because of reasons xyz. So glad I gave myself this opportunity!  

I made some amazing strides in post to profit. But in AQA I actually accomplished what I was so scared I would never accomplish but knew I was worthy of.

If you are willing to show up for yourself AQA gives you all the tools you need and more to make shit happen in your business and your life. The results are continuously showing up for me even after the program has ended.  Because of AQA, I not only have incredible social proof from my clients but evidence for my critical brain that I can create scalable offers. 

The guest speakers that come in are great!  I felt especially connected to the PR girl and the spell expert! I'm excited to see what staying in touch with the PR girl leads to and I learned so much about how to do my own PR. That is a gift that keeps on giving!  Omg and don't even get me started on her spell expert. More gifts that keep on giving.

The energy and the vibe of everyone are just so good. If you are feeling like your vibe is lower bc of the times or anything else - this container will lift you up!!! So definitely don't get intimidated.  This is a group of women who wants to see each other succeed!

The continued sisterhood I developed with the other women in the container is priceless.  Some of us did post to profit and then AQA together. Part of the appeal of making sure I did AQA this round was staying with this group of women.  Some joined us just for AQA and I feel so connected to them I forget they weren't in P2P with us! There's just so much love and support from such dynamic and powerful women. It's the best experience I've ever had with a group of women coming together in this way.  It's been a deeply healing experience for my sisterhood wounds.  

My $13.2K course launch is honestly icing on the cake compared to the whole picture of what I gained from this container and working with Andrea in many of her offerings."

"I highly recommend Abundant Queen Academy and Post to Profit.

Andreas energy is electric, her knowledge is outstanding and the support you receive from both Andrea and the group is phenomenal. Andrea covers everything you need to run a successful business and brings in experts that she works with to talk about systems, energy, back office and so much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed every session.

If you are thinking about any of Andreas programs, go for it, you wont be disappointed."

"Have you yet signed up to work with Andrea Franco? If not, and if you want to move your business forward and uplevel, I highly recommend you do so!

I’d been watching Andrea for the past year as she’s built and grown her company.


When she had her latest free training, I signed up. As I listened to her explain what she does and how, I knew it was time to take the plunge and invest in myself and signed up for Abundant Queen Academy!

Not only did the time fly by, I learned so much from Andrea, her guests, and the lovely ladies who also invested in themselves. Andrea delivers the goods, shares real life experiences which for me helps provide good examples, and she shows up with high level energy each and every time.

If you are wanting to do your own work, make shifts that will enhance your own life and your business (they are connected after all), and be in expansive mode so you can thrive in the work you are doing, sign up for whatever offering Andrea currently has open! Andrea is the real deal - she is authentic, tells it like it is, and uses humor in the work she does.

When you sign up to work with Andrea, and if there is a VIP option, TAKE IT!! The 1:1 with time with her is so valuable on its own. With a program, it enhances and personalizes what you are learning, doing, and experiencing.

I am so grateful for my time with Andrea. I signed up for another training of hers so that I can continue learning and working with her. I cannot wait until I am in the position to sign up as a 1:1 client!
Andrea, thank you for your time, dedication, support, feedback, and love! ♥️"

You'll walk away with...

Feeling like you can come out of the witch's closet to dive deeper than ever before and master your spirituality. 

Releasing any old stories holding you back from stepping into the million-dollar version of you confidently with the energetic, spiritual, and practical tools to back yourself. 

Knowing that you are the master of your own energy - and learning how to cultivate emotional intelligence into your life and business. 

Tapping into the powerful queen to create a limitless reality. 

But wait, there's more. You'll also:

♔ Feel so confident in your offers you can not wait to fucking sell it out and fill it with incredible clients.

♔ Have the tools and scalable strategies you need to be able to show up in your business knowing exactly what the fuck you are selling and when.

♔ Cultivate personal daily routines, practices, and rituals that light you up and ground you into your purpose and gifts.

♔ Have a sense of purpose in a sisterhood that truly sees you and lifts you up - holding you through all of your wins and expansion.

♔ Know how to be the abundant spiritual queen you are; learning how to bring spirituality into your business and the practices that come with that (spell work, crystals, candle magic).

♔ Have a business with easy to scale offers, for multiple people, that is always making consistent cash (even when you aren't launching!).

Know that you can make money at any given time and on any given day and you get to decide how and when - waking up to payment notifications every morning if you desire.

♔ Ready to show up online being magnetic as fuck to call in your soul aligned clients while hitting $100k launches.

♔ A woman who holds herself with confidence having boundaries that are set with love and feel good.

But most of all...

"I don’t know if there are enough words to express how much the Abundant Queen Academy meant to me and how grateful I am that I had took a chance on myself and signed up for this amazing program. But here are a few:

Enlightening - Andrea Franco opened my eyes to so much. She not only awakened the confidence within but helped me grow in so many ways.

Healing - Because of this program, I overcame wounds and blocks holding me back.

Magical - I discovered my magic and better yet, how to apply it to my life and business.

Powerful - I learned so many ways to step into my power and use it - manifestation, mindset and all that good shit that calls in the abundance I deserve.

Authentic - Andrea showed me that you can be your authentic self and run a super successful business. So I embraced my bad ass authentic self and showed the world who I am - which really helped me to call in amazing soul aligned clients.

Successful - Because of Abundant Queen Academy, my business grows every day and that growth is success.

Sisterhood - Finally, this program has brought me an amazing group of women into my life who are so supportive - we hype each other up, celebrate our wins together and support each other’s journey. It has been such an amazing experience.

I am so grateful for Andrea and Abundant Queen Academy.

Thank you so much! And I look forward to being part of more of your programs in the future because they are"

 - Past Abundant Queen Academy Student

"I just finished AQA with Andrea Franco and I am so grateful that I finally jumped in.

I absolutely love Andrea she has been my private coach for a bit over a year and I enjoyed learning from her in a group setting. Also it was a BONUS to connect with all of the ladies who were in AQA! Omg what a community!!!

So excited to continue to work with you Andrea! I love the fuck out of you."

 - Past Abundant Queen Academy Student

"I love the AQA mastermind because it has completely transformed my life. Not just my business, but my entire life.

Andrea and the team of people she invites as guests have given me tools I will be using every single day and in every aspect of my life. I’ve learned how to set boundaries and be confident about them, I’ve learned how beautiful it is to overcome your own traumas and blocks, learning about money mindset and ASKING FOR THE SALE, mindset shifts….I could really go on and on.

Not only have I learned countless things to use, Andrea also encourages connection + community + supporting one another and the friendships I’ve made inside this container will last a lifetime.

This mastermind is truly priceless in my opinion. It has forever changed my soul."

 - Jess P

It's time to dive deeper.
Into your soul's purpose.
Into sustainable income.
Into healing.

"My experience in AQA has been nothing short of incredible. 

Not only have I been able to grow bonds with women from around the globe, which will last a lifetime, but I have learned so much and expanded my business more than I would have thought.

AQA is truly more than just a business program.  Andrea brings in all sorts of spirituality, energy, and healing.  I am so grateful for how much I have grown in every area of who I am supposed to be.  It has truly helped me to uplevel and become the Queen I am meant to be.

Andrea took the pulse of the group and tuned in to what we needed when we needed it.  Using her gifts in addition to her knowledge and experience to guide all of us in our unique businesses was truly something to experience.  I will be forever grateful for this program, the relationships built, and the strides I was able to make in my business and my own personal journey.  Thank you Andrea for creating such a beautiful container.  Love you so much and cannot wait to meet at the event!!"

"The AQA Mastermind is everything you could possibly need to level up your business AND your soul!!

I love the variety of experts that come in to teach (and OF COURSE Andrea's teachings too!), covering mindset work, business strategy, magic, really is a one-stop shop kinda deal, which makes it such an INSANE value!! I've been in Andrea's world for a while now, and every time I invest in a program with her, my whole life shifts for the better.

AQA has brought so much for me to use both now and in the future. And I haven't even touched on the community aspect...being a part of a group of women who are striving for MORE, who encourage each other and help each other is honestly the most invaluable part of it all.

If AQA calls to you, take the leap, I promise you won't regret it!!"

"The past three months in the Abundant Queen Academy with Andrea have been a game-changer for me. I can hardly find the words to express how much I've gained from this experience. Andrea has a unique talent for guiding her clients toward their full potential, and I feel so lucky to have been one of them. 😭 🙏🏼

I have never felt so powerful and in control of my life as I do now. Andrea has shown me how to love and accept myself on a deeper level, which has allowed me to set clearer goals for both my personal and professional life. I have a newfound sense of direction and focus, and I am crunching numbers, creating systems, and manifesting abundance in ways I never thought possible. 🤯😍🙌🏼
One of the most amazing things about this experience is the community Andrea has created. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ The support and encouragement from the other women in the program have been invaluable. We have all grown so much together, and I feel like I have a tribe of sisters who have my back no matter what.🥰🤩
I cannot recommend Andrea and the Abundant Queen Academy enough. If you are ready to step into your power and unlock your full potential, this is the program for you. 💯💯💯

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Andrea, for everything you have taught me and for the incredible opportunities that have come my way as a result of your guidance.

"AQA is a program simply not to be missed.

I was first drawn to Andrea's energy from a random group post, jumped on a masterclass, and have so enjoyed being in her realm for the past year. From Andrea's containers to her 1:1 readings, this magical woman is guiding as many as she can through the journey of transformation and embodiment. AQA isn't just another business mastermind... this is the behind the scenes, raw and real, personal, professional, systems, processes, techniques, energetics, selling, and beliefs, and that's just from Andrea... she also brings in her entire team to pour into you... it's an unraveling and rebuilding that I've not seen much of in this space... a truly refreshing and holistic experience. Whether you are already established and ready for your next breakthrough, or just getting started and looking for guidance, Andrea and her team meet you exactly where you are. Beyond grateful to have shared this container with her amazing community... if you're still reading, this is your sign to jump!!'ll find your wings and so much more ❤

Plus 9 Guest Trainings Covering Topics Like:

María Abramovich

Psychic Healer and Mentor

Hannah Asp

Spiritual Strategist & OBM - Systems and Scaling to 6 figures with ease 

Daniel Kaufman

Taxes & Accounting

Marissa Greco-Reale

Finance and Money Coach - Investing and maximizing your wealth

Libby Kemkaran-Thompson

Business Mentor, Neurocoach and TEDx speaker.

Lindsay Walden

Relationship & Sex Expert

Plus MORE... on topics such as Ads, Magick and spell casting, as well as Mindset reprogramming! This is going to be AMAZING.


The guest speakers are some of the industry leaders, and people that I have worked with personally to get to my next level!

"Working with Andrea in AQA not only helped me explode my current business...

- she helped me create a business that is totally aligned with my heart in soul - to truly connect with, and help women.

Her fire was felt the moment i met with her... and every week, i looked forward to our group trainings. In this container, we made special bonds with each other, supporting each other inside the business realm and out. We shared strategies, struggles, victories and even some laughs.

Best. Decision. Ever."


"I started following Andrea over a year ago...

signed up for Post to Profit last winter, had to join Abundant Queen Academy after that to continue working with this on-fire woman. We’ve had private sessions and each was magical, holding space (and kicking my ass) for exactly what I needed every time.

AQA is a beautiful container where I’ve learned so much, connected with soul sisters and launched my journal business.

Thank you for being you, and Seeing me."

"Abundant Queen Academy has been such a freaking amazing mastermind.

I have to start by saying that I tend to be hesitant about group programs because I have a tendency to disappear in them. Every time I step into a program with Andrea I feel specifically seen and heard.

Every time I step into a program with her, my life shifts in phenomenal ways. Having her leadership and a group of likeminded women has brought me out of my shell in ways that I never thought I could. I’m speaking live online consistently, I’ve 5x’d my income from before I joined, and I’ve become so much more adept at my craft and at mastering my mindset and energy.

I am not the same person I was when this started. Sooo thankful for AQA, for a leader who leads with her heart but isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear, and for the community I’ve found and loved."

"I’ve been working off and on with Andrea for a few years now and I love the bold and direct way she does things yet always with love and sometimes tough love.

AQA has been amazing and sometimes a little overwhelming for me, which makes the replays an invaluable resource to go back and revisit to glean more value each time.

Replays get a bad rap and I’m here to say, for many, they’re a lifesaver. Thank you for having them!

I love the additional guest speakers in AQA; it speaks to my soul to receive such divine collaboration and watch a leader walk their talk. Sometimes it’s additional learning of something we’ve gone over in a new or different way, which adds more value and alternative ways of doing it and/or seeing it. We live in a multi-faceted world and Andrea brings multi-faceted mentorship to AQA.

I’ve been in other masterminds and to date, this one is by far the best. I’m so grateful to be a part of Abundant Queen Academy 2023. 💖💖💖"


We are going all in on collapsing time, quantum leaping your reality, becoming magnetic to your soul clients, and creating limitless abundance, to scale with ease & align your business to ​consistently​ have massive wealth.


What You'll Receive when you join Abundant Queen Academy:

9 Group Calls

9 Expert Guest Trainings

One Sisterhood immersion day

3-day Live event ticket

We start August 21st!

(Welcome Call August 7 at 5pm ET)






















Your Investment Options for VIP Abundant Queen Academy

What You'll Receive:

 9 Group Calls

9 Expert Guest Trainings

One Sisterhood immersion day

3-day Live event ticket

1:1 Monthly Call with Me

Tuesday through Thursday Voxer Support









Sisterhood Immersion Day

One full day where you come and get life-changing coaching from me, breathwork, cord-cutting, energetic healing, integrating, knowing each other and connecting with the magnetic diving deep into your soul. A day dedicated to your celebration and abundance, upleveling together in this incredible sisterhood.

3 Day Live Event

Open to the public, a large event that will have guest speakers that will change the trajectory of your life. 
Both events will be announced once it is safe for people to travel. This is a guarantee that is included in your package, the dates are to be determined.


"Whose been eyeing Abundant Queen Academy??

I started AQA with an idea of what I wanted my business and life to be. Kinda sorta. Andrea and I had 1 VIP session and she was like “yeah we can do that but have you thought about this?” And she said exactly what was on my heart that I didn’t want to speak out loud. We revamped the whole thing and she pushed me out of my comfort zone without ever pushing me out of comfort, if that makes sense. Andrea has this way of saying things that make you look at it a different way. But she doesn’t stop at business. Andrea listens to the group and provides what we need even if we switch around topics. if you need relationship work, she’ll do it. If you need help with spell work, she’ll do it.

AQA has ended but I have so much I am taking away! I left my boyfriend and the relationship that had stopped moving forward. I left my MLM that wasn’t in alignment. I started my own business and GOT MY FIRST SALE TODAY!!!

So if you are on the fence jump off already!! You won’t regret it."


"I started seeing Andrea back when she was in the beginning selling her session doing something magical and having amazing results, buying her car and working her way to buying her house. I was watching her as she couldn’t believe she got the house she did.

Watching her from afar.

August 2022 I took a leap and said it’s time that I take my shot, something is coming with this girl. I can feel it and I can recognize it on a soul level. I did a class. Then a session. Then a program and went right into the Meant For Magic Membership.

Where I had an instant regret because she was headed off to Tony Robbins for the first time and I couldn’t even imagine how I would even resonate with her anymore.

She came back and I was shown why the hell I signed up for a year when I did.

Andrea has changed my life in more ways than one by what she’s brought to the table, and what she’s brought through sharing who has helped her become who she is.

By being a leader and making some incredibly difficult decisions that are not light decisions - all while modeling the real and rawness of it when she was ready and still showing up as the Lioness she is.

If you are looking for someone who will have your back and do whatever she can to see you succeed- in her free masterclasses or her full blown 1:1, you will receive massive amounts of gold and shifts to change your life if you’re willing.

I love you Dre, I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for what you given and gifted to me and everyone around you. Thank you for being the role model and the lead in this alien magical ass path.

I’m coming right behind you 🦁"

This sounds AMAZING! Take me to the checkout!

I’m an Intuitive Transformational Business Mentor for entrepreneurs, healers, and change makers to scale their businesses to a million dollars - while changing the world.

As a coach, I made six figures in my first year from completely organic social media marketing, without ever running a single ad. I leaned into connections, my intuitive gifts, and showing up to serve. I’ve grown my Facebook group to over 8,600+ members, leaning in on cultivating a real community, and have watched these women create life-long soul connections in there as well.

In the past 3 years, I have generated over $2.5M cash in my coaching business, and it wasn't by chance- it was by choice. I chose to heal. I chose to show up in FULL service and surrender. And I never wanted to do it alone, so I have devoted myself to guiding other healers, light-workers, and entrepreneurs to do the same- on their soul’s terms. My philosophy is that abundance is unlimited, and you deserve to feel fucking amazing while doing it.

It’s time to do business on your own terms. It's time to break the glass ceilings, and unleash your inner multiple 6 figure business owner and leader. 


"I am so incredibly grateful to have taken abundant Queen Academy with Andrea Franco!!

I am still fairly new to my business and it really helped push me out of my comfort zone with selling and launching my package. As well as gaining the confidence to go live more consistently.

The guest speakers were all absolutely amazing and beneficial.

Mastermind Wednesdays where we got all of our questions answered was so extremely supportive especially for a newbie like me! Andrea shared her own experiences and really shed light on a lot of things I did not even know about.

Lastly,  I can't even put into words the incredible sisterhood that was created in this group!! I felt so supported and encouraged by everyone. I look forward to keeping in contact with the beautiful sisters that I have met!!

I highly recommend taking Abundant Queen Academy with Andrea you won't be disappointed!!"


Lol seriously.. I don't even know where to start. Andrea is a freakin powerhouse, magical, radiant unicorn of a person and mentor! I am in so much gratitude that our paths have crossed and what I have learned from her. She cares and holds massive space for women.. something that I have seen lacking in other transformational spaces.

I have met AMAZING & SOUL-ALIGNED sisters in this container, my biz got so much more structured and clear under her mentorship... and I just don't even know where to end lol. She shows you all the things, the uplevel, the biz and structure, the healing, the magic!! I am forever changed bc of AQA and this amazing radiant being! Love you so much!!"

"Thank you Andrea for welcoming me into your Abundant Queen Academy!

While I came into your program unknown about my purpose or direction, it was just what I needed to learn more about me! I learned something new each week with from the guest speakers, developed new friendships with other woman who cheer me on, and overall walked away with a better understanding as a whole.

Now I can take what I’ve learned and go to the next level. I just did a revamp in my VIP with changing my name and introducing where I want to take my VIP too! To align my mind, body and soul to help other woman is my true passion! I can’t thank you enough. If I had one piece of advice for anyone that reads this, no matter what it is, it would be DO IT SCARED!

If you don’t take the chance, nothing will change! Xoxo!"

"For anyone who has been thinking about joining Abundant Queen Academy take this post as your sign to take the leap! 

I have just completed this amazing program, extraordinary energy and life enhancing experience which has changed me forever!

I wanted to be a part of AQA to help my Business and expand my knowledge. What I didn't expect was what a huge positive impact this 3 months would have on my spiritual, physical and mental well-being.

This program will support you in taking your Business to the next level and beyond, change your outlook on life, provide you with one of the most sacred sisterhoods I've ever experienced, make you cry “positive tear” make you belly laugh, have you dancing, get you singing and so so much more!

Andrea herself is one of the most organic, real and raw coaches I've worked with. There is no facade, what you see is what you get and 9/10 what you get is exactly what you need!

This girl has a big heart and deep soul and will pull things out of you that you never thought possible! And if you thought it couldn't get better Andrea in every one of her trainings went over and above to provide value often running way over her time just so that she could hold space for each and every one of us.

Accept this sign, take the leap and I promise you, you will be so SO glad you did!!"

Join the Abundant Queen Academy NOW!


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