So I hired Andrea to teach me more about spirituality and connecting with the gifts I'd been holding back  but she taught me a fuck tonne more! Which helped me and my business grow in so many ways.

Thank you for guiding me and helping to connect with my spirituality... helping to show me it's not just strategy that makes you money but everything else around it!

Thank you for showing me how to step outside of my masculine energy to have more pleasure and play... such a big difference between hitting the 50K and 100K launches!

Thank you for showing me to stop taking everything on and to rely on other people to do shit I don't enjoy... hello housekeeper and meal prep service 😂

And thank you for teaching me to stop leaving my money sitting in the bank! It's not doing anything for me in there and I'm ready to invest in other areas to make those millions.


I met Andrea when I booked one of her 1 on 1 sessions and I knew immediately we were meant to work together. Not only did we have similar backgrounds (Italian roots) Andrea's passion and commitment to helping women succeed is why I knew I needed to continue to work with her 1 on 1. When we started our work, I didn't even have a facebook group name. Immediately after our first call I titled my group Bottom Up Wealth - Wealth and Money Mindset For the Prosperous Entrepreneur and got straight to work with Andrea's guidance.

During our sessions together I grew my group to 2.5k members in 2 month from 0, launched my first program ever landing 20 women into the program and now am getting asked about my second program which is not even announced yet. If you have the will, Andrea can show you the way.

My experience working in Andrea’s private coaching container has been life-changing and I’m so happy I invested in her.

The changes I’ve experienced working with her are priceless. I am truly grateful for this connection. It has been one of the biggest transformations I have gone through.

In working with her I have...

  • Hit 5 figure months consistently
  • Have learned to stand in my power in such deeper ways than ever before
  • Strengthened my boundaries
  • Deepened my skills and leadership

I’ve grown so much over the few months we’ve been working together. I truly believe she was a Goddess send.

Thank you Andrea for truly being there for me, supporting me, and allowing me this space to evolve. It’s been such a beautiful journey with you and I am so deeply honored.

Before working with Andrea I was only taking on clients 1:1. Which was great, but I wanted to expand my offers & increase my income, and that is exactly what we did! During my time working with Andrea, I launched a six week program that I absolutely fell in love with, and a 12 week mastermind that has been nothing but pure joy! The best thing we can do is jump when our intuition is leading us toward a specific coach. I’m incredibly grateful to now have a business I love so much, with offers that feel aligned, and strategies that work! Andrea, thank you for supporting me in taking my business to the next-level, and for ensuring my gifts and authentic self were part of my work and offers!! I have seen amazing growth working together over the last six months, and I’m so excited to continue creating!!


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